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The European Lupus Society (SLEuro) was founded on 30th September 2016 in Venice (Italy) few days before the 10th European Lupus Meeting 2016.

Ongoing developments in compliance and transparency as well as the need of a solid infrastructure for European Lupus meetings and community, called for the foundation of a new non-profit association with social and philanthropic purposes. The result is SLEuro, which is legally based in Milan (Italy), Via Giuseppe Ripamonti, 129.

Upon the Executive Committee’s first meeting in October 2016, the Founding Members agreed to nominate Prof. Andrea Doria as President of the Executive Committee; Dr. Luca Iaccarino as Treasurer and Prof. Angela Tincani as General Secretary.

For the years 2017-2018 the President of the Executive Committee was Prof. Matthias Schneider.