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Regular recordings from the SLEuro society

The first podcast was realised by one of our experts, the Executive Committee Member Prof. Anisur Rahman (UK) discussing “SLEuro mission. Why do we need activity scores in SLE? Types of scores. Global lupus activity scores: SLEDAI.” (part 1-3).
In the second podcast, Prof. Anisur Rahman comments “SLEuro mission. Organ-based activity scores: BILAG” (part 4-5).

In the final podcast, Prof. Rahman explains “SLEuro mission. Composite scoress: SRI and BICLA” (part 6).

Podcast recorded by Prof. Frederic Houssiau (Belgium) “Towards new strategies in lupus nephritis”.

Podcast recorded by Prof. Anisur Rahman (UK) “Management of patients with SLE and positive antiphospholipid antibodies”

Podcast recorded by Dr. Filipa Farinha (Portgual) “Management of lupus nephritis”

Podcast recorded by Chris Wincup (UK) “Fatigue in Patients with SLE.

Stay tuned for the next podcasts